EmpowHER Media - Healthcare Brand for Women, Period

Examine market position and create an entry-point narrative to attract a large audience unaware of the client company

EmpowHER Media, based in the United States, offers a health and wellness woman-to-woman Exchange.

Today this Exchange – found at EmpowHER.com – provides women a safe peer community along with gender-specific clinical health information and health advocacy resources on a wide range of health and wellness topics.

However, at an early stage of her company's development, its visionary leader recognized the need for a reposition and entry-point narrative to attract greater numbers of women.

The reposition required viewing the 'customer' as a woman with innate strength and wisdom – functioning within her family as Chief Health Officer – responsible for some 90% of healthcare decisions, rather than a woman of weakness due to anxiety over a medical diagnosis or condition.

The distinction was key:

recognizing strength, rather than assuming weakness

With this reposition, EmpowHER could become a profound community of transformation, so that women were no longer viewed as secondary in medical practice and treatment, while offering a secure place for women to share their wisdom online - with other women - on topics of health and wellness.

And it has.

The Company's flagship – EmpowHER.com – has grown to become the Internet's third most visited women's health and wellness destination, reaching some 250 million women in 2012 alone.


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