Cowley College - Junior College to Brand Through Rediscovered Legacy

Grow Awareness and Reputation to Extend Market Reach 

We transformed a college into a university.

Here's the story.

With nearly a proud century of tradition, Cowley College today includes seven tightly clustered campuses in the Midwestern United States, and is growing an aeronautics and aviation specialty. However, when established in 1920, the college had no physical plant of its own.

The first classes were conducted in the basement, of a high school.

This practice continued through the 1960s, resulting in a large alumni base with fond memories of their experiences at what was informally known as the:

Basement University

The story behind the Basement University resonated not only with alumni audiences, but also with today's student on a relevant and memorable basis, as the institution's beginnings offered parallels to the origin stories of a number of what are now well known companies, such as Apple and Hewlett-Packard.

What before had been seen as an ignoble beginning was instead transformed into a source of pride and measuring stick revealing the growth of the institution, and became a demonstration of how the College is able to launch students toward career success.

To change and take ownership of the market conversation about he College, we created for the client a demonstration of their unique story through a client-linked site, and applications including online platform design, way-finding & campus signage, apparel including athletic team uniforms, outdoor, a new invited speaker series, print advertising and other collateral.


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