Waste Management - Naming Strategy Moves CSR Program To Branded Cause

Engage Teens, Tweens & Younger in Trash Recycling

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Waste Management's Think Green program offers age-specific classroom resources to engage students from K-12 to learn about the environment, including video and interactive activities to expand their knowledge of the planet we share.

Retained to assist a NYC agency's presentation to Waste Management, we created a new communications property - including a campaign narrative to engage the target audience - to be expressed through a client-linked online platform.

By drawing a parallel between the importance of recycling with a challenge to which teens and tweens easily relate, trash is relabeled environmental acne.

The call to action was created to appeal to the target audience: 

Wipe Out Environment Acne

To remove "blemishes" from our earth's "skin" through trash recycling, Wipe Out Environmental Acne. 


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