generation On - Brand Goes Public, As Lifetime of Helping Others Begins Here

Create communications assets attracting pre-adults to civic engagement

After acquiring New York City-based Children for Children, international nonprofit Points of Light seeks to integrate Children for Children with their other pre-adult market offerings, such as Kids Care Clubs, HandsOn Schools and HandsOn Action Center-driven kids programs, under one easy to understand banner prior to a national launch.

The task was one of creating an entry-point introduction to grow awareness, making the organization difficult to overlook within the crowded market of kids-focused service nonprofits.

We looked to identity benefits of affiliation and use no competitor was discussing; those offering disruptive market opportunity.

Two key thoughts emerged:

First, every child is born with the urge to help others, according to research manifested as early as age 12 months

Second, kids are powerful individual forces in their own right, taking the lead in identifying their own interests, and often heavily influencing primary decision-maker adults

With these understandings, and knowing that pre-adults of most any cognitive age prefer not to be lumped together as "children" or "youth" or "kids" while recognizing their almost-adultness, the new organization was positioned as:

We show teens, tweens and younger how to exercise their innate power in assisting others to make their mark on the world

The primary teen and tween age audience needed a name they could embrace and claim as their own, telegraphing that this new organization is indeed theirs, while also of appeal to younger children and secondary audiences of teachers, school administrators and parents.

To navigate the delicate balance among teens, tweens and younger, words such as Children or Kids or Youth were non-starters.

Instead, a new label was created:


With the new organization all about igniting an often latent human power within individuals, the new key message emerged:  

make your mark on the world

A symbol of this new entry-point story was needed to extend the opportunity to attract engagement.

As visually expressed by Tracy Holdeman of our team, and confirmed by market testing, the visual expression of generationOn resonates deeply among primary and secondary audiences.  

A range of new online and digital tools were also crafted in aid of expressing the new generationOn property, with select examples shared below.

Post-launch, generationOn has grown to national and global markets, while landing a $5 million strategic investment from Hasbro Inc. and partnership with the Discovery Channel.


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