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Long before tourism destinations - nations, states, cities - more commonly realized the need for well conceived strategy and communications to assist in opportunities to attract business investment, tourism spending, and more for their respective places, Greg Thomas of our team was engaged to assist the nation of Australia with their tourism marketing.

Even though the nation is itself a continent, Australia at the time remained somewhat isolated from growth opportunities commonly flowing from a robust tourism industry.

The Australian Tourist Commission needed the focused thinking necessary to elevate the nation as a top-of-mind tourism destination.

But prior to engaging the traveler, Australia needed to engage key influencers within the travel and tourism industry.

Initially, an easy to read destination book was created, but with a twist.

Made available to travel agents, media and other influencers, the book containing important facts and details about travel to and within Australia, as well among highlighted cities and natural attractions.  While containing information of importance to travel professionals, this collateral was produced in a manner of relevance and ease of use for the individual tourism prospect.

The twist came in two steps, as content creation for this resource shifted from Australia to North America, as the content needed to speak more directly to North Americans to engage them as prospects.    

Additionally, to create an effective entry point for the engagement of the target North American audience required a provocation authentic to Australia.

As described by Greg Thomas:

Our choice of cover imagery for this resource was controversial. There were a number of individuals with our client concerned about our selection - the evocative image of an indigenous Australian, an Aborigine. We fought for it as a communications asset and won.     

Imagery of iconic Aussie lifeguards and natural landmarks were also later selected, each as illustrated below.

A second strategy was created.

Australian college students were recruited for an all-Australian call center hub. The strategy was to rely upon Australian students familiar with their nation and all manner of tourism destinations within to engage callers in speaking of Australia.

The Aussie Helpline was heavily comunicated within North America, with the native accents of Australian students creating an engaging presence for callers, encouraging conversation.

The results were, as the Aussies describe it, a rip snorter.


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