Congregation - Launching Women's Activewear As Brand

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Position a new women's apparel line and create the entry-point engagement story 

A new women's activewear / beachwear apparel line seeks to become known quickly, both online and in retail.

With over 75 direct competitors within the industry, understanding that many of those competitors rely upon naming conventions in four broad categories identified as beach slang, place, person, and contemporary edgy solutions - for example, Billabong, Pompei Beach, Gilly Hicks, and Freestyle - no competitor was positioned to build off of the basic human need to socialize, to be invited, to affiliate and connect.  

Uncovering this White Space Opportunity pointed to the position, name and entry-point story:

Congregation  |  worship the beach

For every product and company name created we also seek the name's availablity as a domain for the client.

Facing the common problem of a domain owned by a speculator seeking an oversized price for the domain, we crafted a solution further extending the new apparel line's opportunity to become memorable: 

The results of our engagement offer for the client a difficult-to-forget thematic device by which to attract the target young female audience, by mapping back into a metaphor - Congregation - given new energy and expanded meaning.


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