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Position an immediate care clinic of a regional healthcare center to grow market awareness

A regional health care center seeks to expand services through a walk-in immediate care clinic.

After reviewing a deck of client materials, developing a competitive message analysis and researching the immedicate care category and its consumer, we developed the new positioning and entry-point narrative for the client - including naming and key messaging.

Creating a new communications property:

Owie Clinic  |  immediate caring

The results offer an easy to remember thematic device by which to speak about the clinic and to demonstrate their difference daily, in a very simple, emotionally connective way; one unique in the industry.

So too does this property appeal to and engage a broad audience, by mapping back into a metaphor with which any person of any age may relate. 

As with any effective verbal design, the new property also offered the promise of another compelling dimension, one that elevates this property into a business asset - that of attracting free media coverage from within and beyond the clinic's immediate market area. 


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